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busi 15 hours ago
It's believed that she has the best punani in Pretoria currently..
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gideon 1 week ago
Be very careful of this evil foreign witch calked BOIPELO Moinda .....she feeds on blood and souls of innocent New born babbies,she is a Satanist and lives to hurt people, I ... [Continue Reading]
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In need of descreet guy to fuck me. Must knw what he is doing. Girl needs a dick it's been long
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ZamaNdayi 2 weeks ago
Sesiyidle sayiqeda le ingquza, loko sashintshana ngaye. Iphelile
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Jozi 2 weeks ago
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Jozi 2 weeks ago
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maxy 2 weeks ago
Be very careful of this evil Satanist named Boipelo moinda she is very Evil and dangerous beware, She is the devil herself with a very Evil Heart
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